Take-Two Interactive is an game publisher, developer and distributor.


Popular franchises include subsidiary Rockstar Games Grand Theft Auto series, Manhunt, State of Emergency, Midnight Club and Bully series.

Structure of Take-TwoEdit

Company structureEdit

  • 2K Games
    • Firaxis Games (acquired in 2005)
      • Frog City Software (merged into Firaxis Games in 2006)
      • PopTop Software (merged into Firaxis Games in 2006)
    • 2K Boston/2K Australia (formerly known as Irrational Games, acquired in 2006)
    • 2K Czech (formerly Illusion Softworks)
    • 2K Marin
    • Take-Two Licensing (formerly known as TDK Mediactive)
    • Venom Games, Ltd. (acquired in September 2004; closed in July 2008)
  • 2K Sports
    • Visual Concepts
    • Kush Games (defunct 2008)
    • Indie Built, Inc. (acquired in 2004; closed April 28 2006)
    • PAM Development (acquired in 2006)
  • 2K Play
  • Global Star Software (closed; some brands merged into 2K Play)
  • Gathering of Developers (closed; brands merged into Rockstar and 2K)
  • [[Gotham Games(closed)
  • TalonSoft]] (closed in 2005; most brands sold to Matrix Games)
  • Jack of All Games (distribution arm of Take-Two)
  • Rockstar Games, Ltd.
    • Rockstar North (formerly known as DMA Design)
    • Rockstar Leeds (formerly known as Mobius Entertainment)
    • Rockstar Japan
    • Rockstar London
    • Rockstar Vancouver (formerly known as Barking Dog Studios)
    • Rockstar San Diego (formerly known as Angel Studios)
    • Rockstar Toronto (formerly known as Rockstar Canada)
    • Rockstar Vienna (formerly known as neo Software; closed May 11 2006)
    • Rockstar Lincoln (formerly known as Tarantula Studios)
    • Rockstar New England (formerly known as Mad Doc Software)
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