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Nintendo DSi XL
The Nintendo DSi XL (wine red colour)
Nintendo DSi XL In Burgundy
Manufacturer Nintendo
Released Japan.gif November 21, 2009
Europe.gif March 5, 2010
America.gif March 28, 2010
Media Nintendo DS cards, SD = SD card slot, DS AC adapter connecting stereo headphones / microphone terminal
Online service Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection
DSi Ware
Price Japan.gif 20,000¥
Europe.gif £159.99
America.gif $189.99

The Nintendo DSi XL (Nintendo DSi LL in Japan) is the successor to the Nintendo DSi. It has new features such as a 4.2" screen, improved battery life, and an improved stylus. It was released in Japan on November 21, 2009, and in America on March 28, 2010.


The Nintendo DSi XL features 4.2 inch screens, which is over 90% larger than the DS Lite's screen size. It also comes with a longer stylus, and has 3 extra pre-downloaded games: Brain Age Express: Arts And Letters, Brain Age Express: Math, and Photo Clock. The Nintendo DSi XL's battery, depending on the screen's brightness, lasts 1-3 hours longer than the standard Nintendo DSi. The DSi XL comes in many colours, including bronze, white, and a special red Super Mario Brothers edition. It also comes with all of the software that was on the DSi.


On October 29th, 2009, Nintendo of Japan announced the DSi LL. Its main new feature was the much larger 4.2" screen design. Nintendo announced the console would be coming to Europe [1] and America [2] in March 2010 as the Nintendo DSi XL. In Japan, the Nintendo DSi LL sold 103,524 units in its first two days. The Nintendo DSi, on the other hand, sold 170,779 units in its first two days.


•In Japan, the pre-downloaded application Photo Clock was replaced with a dictionary.

•The DSi XL was the last system to use PictoChat or Flipnote Studio.