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Nintendo DSi
Manufacturer Nintendo
Released Japan.gif November 1, 2008
America.gif April 5, 2009
Europe.gif April 3, 2009
Australia.gif April 2, 2009
Generation Seventh
Processor ARM7(touch screen) ARM9 (upper screen) assumed
Memory Internal memory
Cartridge based
Media Nintendo DS cards, SD cards
Controller input SD card slot, DS AC adapter connecting stereo headphones / microphone terminal
Online service Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection
DSi Ware
Price Japan.gif 18,900 yen
America.gif $169.99
Canada.gif $199.95
Europe.gif £149.99 (UK); €170
Australia.gif $299.95
Size 137.0mm (next) 74.9mm (vertical) 18.9mm (thickness) 92mm (DSi stylus)
Preceded by DS Lite

Nintendo DSi is an updated version of the Nintendo DS. The DSi has some Wii-like features, such as DSiWare in a similar style to WiiWare and includes an SD Card slot.

The DSi is a more streamlined and enhanced version of the DS instead of a completely new handheld. Maintaining the same dual-screen setup the DSi increases the size of each individual screen while decreasing the overall weight of the unit and making it thinner than the DS Lite. Furthermore, Nintendo has added a few new features to make it more competitive including a camera, built-in web-browser, and built-in audio decoding capabilities. Nintendo also emphasized digital distribution with the DSi as games can be purchased with Nintendo points and stored on SD cards. Not all DS Lite functions have been transferred over as the GBA expansion slot is completely removed, eliminating compatibility with certain DS titles such as Guitar Hero: On Tour that uses the expansion slot for a peripheral.

Features and changes[]

  • Dual screens expanded 17% (now 3.25 inches wide)
  • 2.6 millimeters thinner
  • GBA slot eliminated
  • SD Card slot
  • Two built-in cameras; both 0.3 megapixels
  • Pictures manipulated via touch screen
  • Store pictures on Wii Photo Channel
  • “Audio enhancements” — adjust pitch and playback.
  • Supports AAC format
  • Internal memory for apps
  • Built-in Opera web browser
  • Digital notebook
  • Game downloads (DSiWare) capable of being stored on DSi; prices range from free/200/500/800+ Nintendo points.
  • Owners that connect by March, 2010 will receive 1000 Points as a gift. (Japan)
  • Download DSiWare software via the Nintendo DSi Shop
  • WiiWare/software download to SD card - Spring 2009
  • DS Station now becomes the Nintendo Zone service
  • Nintendo Zone Viewer included, no setup needed
  • Mii on DSi software
  • Comes in Matte Black, White and Light Blue.
  • Rainbow and regular (blue) writing on PictoChat