• Developed By Nintendo
  • Director Tim Hill
  • Producer Tim-Yu Chung
  • Writer Chaun-Yu Park
  • Music By Hans Zimmer
  • Casting By Mary Hidalgo


  • Jack Black as Mario/Luigi
  • David Cross as Bowser/Yoshi
  • Frank Welker as Baby Mario
  • Mike Myers as Baby Luigi/Turtle Guard
  • Ming-Na Wen as Princess Peach
  • Jackie Chan as Turtle Guards: Tom, Jim
  • Jaden Smith as Young Mario/Young Luigi
  • Tom Hanks as Flying Turtle Guards: Jack, William
  • Brad Pitt as Bull Dog Guards: Simon, Jon, Tim, Joseph
  • Jonah Hill as Flying Bull Dog Guards: Smith, John, Cooper
  • Eddie Murphy as Mushroom Buddies: Tim, William, Jack

Story DeparmentEdit

  • Story Artist Caun-Bu Park

Design, Art And Visual Development DeparmentEdit

  • Character Design Artist Tim Hill
  • Visual Development Artist Mun-Wu Chaung

Animation Crew DeparmentEdit

Film RomanEdit

  • Layout/Animator Phil Roman
  • Background/Clean-up Moises Roman
  • Inbetween/Effects/CG Animation Yuan-Wu Chang


  • Programming Tim-Wung Fat
  • Quality Assurance Tom-Kun Fat
  • Production Engineering Chun-Wuy Fat

Sound DeparmentEdit

Skywalker Sound A Lucasfilm Company Marin County, CaliforniaEdit

  • Effects Editor George Lucas
  • Sound Mixing Jim Bolt
  • Foley By One Step Up
  • Foley Artist Mark Lucas
  • Sound Design Gary Rydstorm
  • Re-Recording At Nintendo Sound

For NintendoEdit

  • CEO Cun-Wu Fat
  • COO Tim Hill
  • Executive Producer Tom Lucas
  • Music Recording At Abbey Road Studios, London
  • Special Thanks To Super Mario Bros. Cast And Crew, Nintendo DS, And Nintendo Wii
  • Production Babies: Annie, Brandon, Candace, Daisy, Edward, Fisher, George, Lucas, Tim And Wallace
  • (C) 2010 Nintendo Inc. All Rights Reserved.
  • Nintendo, Nintendo's Super Mario Bros. Games, Nintendo DS, Nintendo Wii and all related titles, logos and characters are trademarks, register marks and service marks of Nintendo Games LLC.
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  • No Mushrooms were harmed of making this game Thank you for playing.