Developer(s) Renegade Kid LLC
Publisher(s) Mastiff
Release date(s) 2008
Genre(s) First Person Shooter
Mode(s) Adventure, Quick play, Delete Data
Rating(s) Teen
Platform(s) Nintendo DS
Media Nintendo DS game card

It's a First Person Shooter (FPS) set on Moon outpost Alpha (AKA Alpha Base shades of Space 1999) in 2058. You play Major Kane Chief of Operations for the Extra-Terrestrial Encounter Organization investigating strange energy readings and missing personnel on the Outpost. You send your team in and a power surge causes a communications blackout. You get your weapon and head to find them. First you encounter a canister of some liquid that enters your space suit and knocks you out for a bit. When you come to communications tell you a little about it, but you have little time as you encounter orbs that are shooting at you. It's a little hard to control and the default Type 1 control is designed for right handers: you control direction with the pad (left hand) and stylus (right hand) and fire with the L button (left) while holding the DS in the left hand. The stylus is your aim and look up/down and such, the normal pad up is forward, down is back, left and right move you sideways. You have to tap buttons on the touchscreen to do actions like open doors and take weapons and such. It also has a Type 2 control setup for Left-handed players. Awkward game play because of the controls, but pretty fast paced and fluid movement in the game. It does stop play for plot stuff at times and information like when you first pick up the canister it runs a little animation to show the stuff entering your suit and does this stuff from time to time, but still the best FPS I've played on the DS so far. You play in one of three difficulties: Rookie, Normal, and Veteran.

It seems all the tech for the game came from Roswell and what was discovered there. All the stuff in the canisters is known and the spacesuit's link works to the 'Extra-Terrestrial' stuff in the hatch discovered on the Moon. The implication is that 'life here began out there' as Battlestar Galactica used to open with. The more you play the more this becomes apparent, whenever you get a canister you seem to get attacked, so the orbs are after the canisters too.

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