Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story
Mario & Luigi 3
Developer(s) AlphaDream
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Release date(s) Japan February 11, 2009
America September 14, 2009
Europe October 9, 2009
Genre(s) Role-playing game
Mode(s) Single player
Platform(s) Nintendo DS
Media Nintendo DS card
Preceded by Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time

Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story (Mario & Luigi RPG 3!!! in Japan) is the third installment in the Mario & Luigi series and the second to be released on the Nintendo DS. It was announced during Nintendo's October press conference. It was developed by AlphaDream and featured, for the first time in the series, Bowser as a playable character. The babies from Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time are no longer present.

Gameplay Edit

Mario and Luigi are controlled together while Bowser is controlled separately. While not in battle, the A and B buttons will make Mario and Luigi jump, respectively. Bowser, on the other hand, can be controlled with the X and Y buttons, which will allow him to punch and breath fire. The touchscreen and mic is used in various mini games. In Bowser's Inside Story, Mario and Luigi will trek through Bowser's body after being engulfed by him and subsequently shrunk while under the control of Fawful. Bowser, on the other hand, will travel throughout the Mushroom Kingdom in order to reclaim his castle. Bowser's segments are open world while Mario and Luigi's parts are sidescrollers in a similar vein to Super Paper Mario.

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