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Genre(s) RPG
Rating(s) ESRB

Intelligent Systems is a Nintendo division best known for the Metroid, Fire Emblem, Kid Icarus, Nintendo Wars, Paper Mario, and WarioWare video game series. They are credited as the first development studio within Nintendo, and were initially known as Nintendo R&D1.


Hiroshi Yamauchi and Hiroshi Imanishi in the 70's decided to create a video game division when the industry gained popularity. The studio wasn't then known as Intelligent Systems, but rather Nintendo R&D1. Eventually there would be four Research & Development teams in all, with Gunpei Yokoi heading the first team. The second and third R&D teams would primarily work on hardware designs while R&D1 would capitalize on the creations they made by making the software that would first make use of it. They worked together, and occasionally the other teams would also make games for their own hardware as well. Nevertheless, it was indisputable that the R&D1 team was the most important of the bunch when it game to game design.

R&D1's first order of business was to create various arcade video games for Nintendo. The first batch of games were rather uninspiring, but that would change after the release of Radar Scope, which failed to sell in the American market. After Nintendo of America demanded a game that would replace the unsold Radar Scope units, Hiroshi Yamauchi turned to an unknown within the company named Shigeru Miyamoto since all of the other R&D people were working on other projects. Gunpei Yokoi was tasked with teaching him and the end result was Donkey Kong, which after being released turned into the second best selling arcade game of all time, directly behind Pac-Man (which also included Mrs. Pac-Man). After Donkey Kong was release, Gunpei Yokoi and Shigeru Miyamoto, a dream team, were separated when Miyamoto was sent to Nintendo R&D4 to head his own game development studio.

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