Guitar Hero: On Tour
Publisher: Activision
Developer: Vicarious Visions
Platform: Nintendo DS
Genre: Music
Released: America Summer 2008
Modes: Single player, multiplayer

Guitar Hero: On Tour is a music video game for the Nintendo DS. As the name implies, it is part of the Guitar Hero video game series and the first released for the DS. It is noted as the highest priced retailed Nintendo DS game at $49.99 USD. It doesn't include a guitar, but rather an enlarged game cartridge that features four (rather than the usual five) buttons that the player can press. The player is required to hold the DS on it's side as if you were reading a book (ala Brain Age and Hotel Dusk: Room 215), while the four buttons will be featured on the side where the Game Boy Advance slot is.

According to the publishers there will be over 20 songs, though which ones are not exact as of yet.


In the Fall of 2008 Nintendo announced a redesign of the Nintendo DS called the Nintendo DSi. The DSi was soon thereafter confirmed to not include a cartridge slot for Game Boy Advance video games, thus meaning that the accessory required to play Guitar Hero: On Tour and its sequel, which was released after the announcement, would not be compatible with it, much to Activision's dismay.

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