Developer(s) Jens Anderson
Publisher(s) Colors!
Release date(s) 2008
Genre(s) Art
Platform(s) Nintendo DS

Colors! is a painting application combining ease of use and powerful painting tools. It is based on modern painting/sketching techniques originally developed for drawing-tablets using desktop computers.It was originally prototyped in June 2007 as a simple painting application for Nintendo DS. It was developed by Jens Andersson, a programmer and designer. Rafał Piasek created a Colors! art gallery where users could upload and share there creations and visitors can view a speeded up version of the creation in 'replay' which isstandard with Colors! application.

In September 2008, Colors! was released for iPhone and iPod Touch and Colors! 3D for Nintendo 3DS in 2012.

thumb|300px|right|Official 3d Trailer (youtube)

Created by Jens Andersson
Colors! Gallery by Rafał Piasek
UI graphics by Ernst vd Horst
Jens Andersson, Ben Jaques, Matti Palosuo, Mark Chong

Erik Gough, AKIKA, Ben Nunez, Matt Estela, Kathryn Shaw

ColorsDraw applet

Ben Jaques

Additional help
Otavio Good, Mattias Snygg
Bill Havlicek and Alberto Ricci

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