Animal Crossing: Wild World
Developer(s) Nintendo
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Release date(s) Japan November 23, 2005
America December 5, 2005
Europe March 31, 2006
Genre(s) Simulator
Media Nintendo DS game card
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Animal Crossing: Wild World is the Nintendo DS installment of the Animal Crossing series. It was released in Japan in November 2005, in Australia and North America in December 2005 and in Europe in March 2006. It is one of the first games that can be played across the Internet using Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. The game has a very unique sense of humor, with lots of humorous phrases and non-sense talk by the villagers. It is also highly customizable as the player is able to make pretty much anything look the way you want it to, including custom patterns for your clothing.



The Multiplayer-mode in ACWW is special, it allows other players to visit the town of their friends, up to 4 players can be in the same town with each other, this is useful as the visitors can use the store to buy items that may not be in their own store. Also visitors can collect fruit that may not be native to their own town, thus making them valuable to sell. NPC residents may also move between the player towns. For example, say John connected to Jack's town, that would mean residents from John's town may move to Jack's and vice versa. The residents that move may talk about people that were in their last town, like if a resident moved from John's town to Jack's, the resident may tell Jack about John and what he/she thinks of John. Also if a player sends a note in a bottle into the ocean the next time they connect to someones town, theres a chance that that note in the bottle will end up at the shore of another town.


The game received a positive welcome to the DS console.

Gamespot: 8.4/10 (Also nominated the best DS game of 2005)

IGN: 8.8/10

Gamespy: 4.5/5

Metacritic: 85/100


Animal Crossing: Wild World has sold a staggering 9.53 million copies worldwide. About 3 million of those were sold in Japan. It is the ninth best-selling game on the console.

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